Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Move, remove

erracotta veins
path relevant relayed splayed conceptions of the walker’s
tamed consistencies. 

                             appetite attractions hysterical methods

roam systems dis
placeable rhetoric submitted
dialectical swarms of the mind’s compulsive addiction

blend               spasm              interrelated blame toward


--Felino A. Soriano (b. 1974) is a case manager and advocate for adults with developmental and physical disabilities. In 2010, he was chosen for the Gertrude Stein "rose" prize for creativity in poetry from Wilderness House Literary Review. Philosophical studies collocated with his connection to various idioms of jazz explains motivation for poetic occurrences. For information, including his 44 print and electronic collections of poetry, over 2,700 published poems, interviews, and editorships, please visit his website: www.felinoasoriano.info.

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