Saturday, July 16, 2011

Safe Words

By now you must admit
Love is an arranging.
We tidy the attics
Of our respective lives
And present them, proudly,
As a fait accompli,
Trusting now everything
Must be pleasing, wholesome,
Fit for our consumption.
And have we not laboured
To learn our lines and play
The parts we were assigned?
There is artistry here,
In the way we choose words
To say or not to say.
Language will protect us
From the things we cannot
Bring ourselves to confront.
Love is our dialogue:
I won’t tell, if you won’t.

--Ian Chung is Fiction Editor at The Cadaverine. His work has appeared in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Foundling Review, The Cadaverine and Poetry Quarterly, among others. He was nominated by Camroc Press Review for Sundress Publications’ 2010 Best of the Net anthology. Currently, he reviews for The Cadaverine and Sabotage. Since October 2010, he also edits Eunoia Review, an online literary journal.

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