Monday, July 4, 2011

Student and Student

Clustering fragments
circulate a wrecked ideology, functionality

clotted. My indecisive voice cracks,
in this new school stage. What magnets repel,
and does the flipside attract? Which end matters?

Renovation drips to the floor,
by a breached ambience. Whored pensiveness
injects the flickering blue blaze. insinuating white bookshelves,

among walls of radical waters.
that mutates over my cousin’s face. I move my head crabwise, taken by a

micro-being trip. I scrutinize the room’s framework,
down to each fizzing molecule. Apply reason to the raw blueprint,
or is everything stone cold? Am I manipulative?

“Does your life ever seem.…
unreal?” The ductile windowsill convulses. “No.” Everybody says no.
If I understand otherwise, I negate. She’s never talkative

unless I instigate. We’re muted to the inquisitive show,
spewing chaotic noises.

And I dropped out of duality. My eyes are compromised, intuitively
plucking thoughts, the fetuses actively aborted.

Nothing but neutral ground to cover.

--Steven Leonardo Clifford was born in 1984, and lives in New York. He’s diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder, and remedies his mental illness by writing poetry and fiction.

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