Monday, July 18, 2011

Vitamin C

I love you like an addict needs a high
To stay afloat, treading water until
The next wave of narcotic numbness breaks
Upon my brain-sands and washes away
The dank detritus that accumulates
Only in your absence. Can you taste me?
For I taste the loss of you, like a blade
Cutting lines on the table, on my tongue.
The tang of blood no longer bothers me,
Shed in brokenness but to heal us whole.

--Ian Chung is Fiction Editor at The Cadaverine. His work has appeared in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Foundling Review, The
Cadaverine and Poetry Quarterly, among others. He was nominated by Camroc Press Review for Sundress Publications’ 2010 Best of the Net anthology. Currently, he reviews for The Cadaverine and Sabotage. Since October 2010, he also edits Eunoia Review, an online literary journal.

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