Monday, August 1, 2011

Angel Wings

Angel wings twinkle with hope
Their caress feels electric
Caring for the peripatetic
Transients; helping them cope

By cleansing their wounds with pensive soap
To improve their hopeless aesthetic
Ridding them the label pathetic
Disappointments; removing the rope

That harnesses them to failure
Doomed to repeat past mistakes
Instead, accepting an evanescent cure
Allowing them to eat their cake
And have it to; they will acquire a heart pure
To finally rise proud and remain awake

--Adina Rosenthal's poetry has recently appeared at The Camel Saloon, vox poetica, Yes, Poetry, and Heavy Hands Ink. Her short story "Succubus-in-Law", will appear in Gus Ginsburg's forthcoming anthology Bride of the Golem. Her thoughts can be found at

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