Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Once Upon a Time

Trying to get that adrenaline
Pumping; in stride with the beat
Of a drummer that marches within
But refuses to quicken on her feet

And sinks slowly like mellifluous quicksand
Stubbornly; into a hollow abyss
No extrication by Merlin’s magic wand
Or even Prince Charming’s kiss

Not every damsel needs a savior
Distressing; concerned by an unknown plight
That reeks of a sacrilegious flavor
And burns the eyes of foresight

And though this heroine may indeed be raving
She, in the end, must do the saving

--Adina Rosenthal's poetry has recently appeared at The Camel Saloon, vox poetica, Yes, Poetry, and Heavy Hands Ink. Her short story "Succubus-in-Law", will appear in Gus Ginsburg's forthcoming anthology Bride of the Golem. Her thoughts can be found at adinacate.blogspot.com.

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